Monday, August 9, 2010

More Dirt, Rock and Fence Posts

Guillermo of Cagwin & Dorward drills post holes
Gary digging with bobcat
mixing the concrete
putting concrete footings in for woolly pocket posts
making sure the post is straight
Northgate PEETS coffee and doughnuts
The weekend of August 7 & 8th we moved more dirt to make the garden a flatter surface area. Peets Coffee & Tea at Northgate donated coffee and APDW donated the doughnuts. A local contractor, Cagwin & Dorward, donated a tractor with an auger and an operator, Guillermo, to drill our fence posts on Saturday. Guillermo did an awesome job. On Sunday, Gary finished up the holes and installed the wood headers for the drainage bands while April, Julia and myself, with help from the Slanec family, mixed concrete and installed the posts for our deer fence and woolly pocket wall. We shoveled gravel into the drainage bands and for the foundation for our shed/kitchen. We dug a lot of dirt for the area that our cistern will be going. We did not see any gophers today. Perhaps the bobcat and the tractor have finally scared them away.

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