Friday, December 3, 2010

Our First Planting Day!

Planting begins in our talk circle

On November 15 we had our first planting day! It was really fun and exiting. The seventh grade classes were chosen to be the first students to plant in the garden. We started out by spliting the class up and walking out to the garden. We stood in a semi-cirlce in the central gathering spot and Katie, our garden coordinator, explained what we had to do. My class began the seed plantings in the woolly pockets which is our vertical garden.

Other classes did the plantings in the raised beds. We would either get seeds or starter plants and dig our holes big enough to fit them. For the seeds in the woolly pockets we used our finger to create the hole and we then covered them up with nice compost and put a popsicle stick to label each type of seed that was planted. We had many different types of seeds such as little gem lettece, carrots,and other herbs. We only had about half our science pieriod to do it, but it was really fun to plant. Our garden is looking more like an Edible Garden everyday!


  1. This is very exciting!! Can't wait for our first harvest!

  2. I attended Miller Creek in the late 1960's - so pleased to read about your garden. Good job! The plants look beautiful and healthy.