Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chef Seann and the amazing grilled pizza

Chef Seann getting ready to serve the grilled pizza
Well, if you didn't come to our first guest chef event in our outdoor kitchen you really blew it. Chef Seann Pridmore of the Epicurean Group did a fantastic job showing us how to grill veggies that kids would really like to eat (and they WERE really good!). He also showed us how to make a healthy pizza on the grill. YUM!

Chef Seann with artichokes in our outdoor kitchen. We had a huge amount of organically grown veggies donated by Whole Foods Market for Chef Seann to cook besides some veggies and herbs form our very own Miller Creek garden.
We had cheeses dontaed by Nicasio Valley Cheese and Cowgirl Creamery

the audience was very intent

looking at the crops we are growing

Our raffle donors were from our local Marinwood Community Farmers Market. We had a certifcate from The Backyard CSA, organic soaps and lotions from the Rubber Ducky Soap Co., specialty Olive Oil from the Olive Press, and organic plants for the garden from Jim Fenton. Please thank them all next time you go to the Saturday farmers market!

We set up tents in case it rained but it never did

enjoying the action

having fun decorating our rain harvesting cistern

Helping Chef Seann with peeling fava beans

everyone had fun

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