Saturday, December 31, 2011

Meet Emily!

Hey guys! Gabby here—just wanted to tell you a few things about our new garden coordinator, Emily Buskirk who started on November 1st. Most of you (if you’re a student) know her by Ms. B! Actually Emily was a former student, here, at our very own Miller Creek.  She then went to TL; then UCSB and majored in Geography. She also studied a year abroad at UC (University of Canterbury in Christchurch NZ). In 2008, Emily did a year of post graduate study at Victoria University (Wellington, NZ) in Environmental Studies, so that means that before she came back to Miller Creek, Emily had been living in New Zealand!

So far, she has been taking both Mr. Arigi’s and Mrs. Stavropoulos’s classes into the garden. In our interview Emily talked about the work the classes were doing in the greenhouse. It goes like this: Different seeds are planted in different types of soil and one of the plants has soil like the stuff we use in the garden, that one is called the control. The point of the experiment is what soil is the best type of soil to grow the seeds. I also asked Emily about which out of her previous jobs she liked the best! It was a hard choice but we came down to a few like the Rothbury Festival in New Zealand. Emily said there were lots of people and popular bands and singers like Michael Franti and the Spearhead got to play!

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