Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

painting crew getting started
This weekend we did a LOT of painting, digging and shoveling. On Saturday the paint crew did the first coats of paint to our shed/kitchen. We started flattening the ground with rakes and shovels. My dad used a trencher to dig the irrigation trenches. The trencher was donated for the weekend from Bobcat West, a Pape' Company. On Sunday one volunteer crew laid in the irrigation purple pipe, the 7th grade girls started putting in the gopher wire, while the 8th grade girls shoveled mulch into the garden from the mulch pile donated by Treemasters. On Monday the mulch was finished by some 9th graders, the irrigation lines were pressure tested and we leveled the planter box beds. All in all a very busy three days for the garden volunteers who came to work. Here is what it looked like:

6th grade boys

Audrey, Emma's sister helping us paint

my dad using the trencher to dig

the main trench line for our purple pipe right down the middle

Irrigation pipe going into trench

two  shots of the work crews

cutting gopher wire for planters

8th grade girls shoveled a lot of mulch on Sunday

Peyton, a 6th grader, worked hard this weekend

Peyton's brother Tristan and dad Marcus lining the planters

Tristan and Joe finishing the mulch with bobcat on Monday

PEETS @ Northgate donated the coffee this weekend again.

How the garden looked today after the long holiday weekend

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  1. Great work Miller Creek Students, Parents and Alumni!! Impressive laboring on Labor Day Weekend!


    Mr. J