Monday, September 27, 2010

Teens Turning Green & The White House Organic Farm

photograph by Art Rogers/Point Reyes for Marin Organic
Two weeks ago I was invited to present The Miller Creek Edible Garden & Outdoor Kitchen project to the PROJECT LUNCH stakeholders meeting for TEENS TURNING GREEN. My dad held the pictures of the garden/plans while I talked about how it was going to help teach students about eating healthier, learn how to grow organic food, and  help fight childhood obesity. PROJECT LUNCH is an organization that is helping schools (and gardens!) in turning more green. The stakeholders talked about inspiring students and the community to improve the school lunch programs so that kids are making healthier choices, eating local produce, growing gardens, and reducing waste. My dad and I were asked to be in this photo of the group. Everyone there was very excited and wants to particpate in our garden once we are ready.

The White House

Last week I was in Washignton DC with my parents and went to see Mrs. Obama's organic garden on the front lawn of the White House. It was much, much smaller than I thought it would be. Here are some photos I took. Mrs. Obama's plan is for childern to learn more about nutrition and physical activity. Her plan is called "Let's Move!" and the garden is called " The White House Organic Farm." Our garden will also be about nutrition and we plan to help teach students about eating better and being healthier through nutrition and physical activity.

This is the organic garden on the White House south west lawn

The information sign about the garden

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