Tuesday, October 5, 2010

9.19.10 Soil Building Day!

Marin Sanitary unloading our Marin's Own compost
On Sunday September 19 the compost arrived from Marin Sanitary. The soil is called “ Marin’s Own” Compost. This compost is filled with nutrients and organisms that will help build our dirt back into soil. We had sent our dirt to a soil lab called the Soil Food Web to analyze it. This tells us if our dirt is healthy enough for our garden. We found out that is was pretty “dead” and needed a lot of compost to help it get better. Since our dirt consists of a lot of dry clay, the compost will make it healthy again by mixing it together.

Gary moving the compost to the garden
So volunteers shoveled 6” of our dirt first into each planter. Then 6” of compost was added on top of that. We will need to wait two weeks before we mix them together as new compost is really hot and would burn our dirt’s sleeping microorganisms according to my mom. When you put your hands into the compost you can feel the warmness of it.

Emily and her mom spreading the compost
Me moving compost the slow way

We also finished the gopher wire in the 4 x 8 ‘ planters. The back of the school has so many gophers so we need to protect our garden from them.

Scott putting in gopher wire
A good day's work

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