Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Orchard and Spring Volunteer Workday

Peyton and I making garden houses

morning weeding and mulching
The garden is all good! Last week we had another volunteer workday and we got a lot done. We took out some over-grown plants and put new ones, and moved ALL the mulch to the sides. My dad worked on perfecting the irrigation so we didn’t have to lug the hose around everywhere. (Finally!) But it wasn’t up that day so we had to water the garden the old fashiond way. The good news is, is that all the rain made the plants grown huge and it was very sunny when we were working. On the down side, I forgot sunscreen.

What did they find?
Dads moving the mulch
Moi, Gabby,  moving mulch the fun way!
veggies ready to harvest
It was a very sunny day and hot
our little orchard

adding organic fertlizers to woolly pockets
more weeding

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  1. What a lovely garden. Enjoyed reading your blog.